Random stuff that happens in Mexico

I ran in a Color me rad, 3 mile run, to support autism, and as we ran, we got paint thrown at us, we were colored from head to toe, I kept thinking “what a strange event…” and it was, but I loved it, and will be running next year as well. Here is a picture of me after the race.

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My time away

Hello, Sorry for not being on much, however, I have a very exciting story of a random event in Mexico that happened while I was away. This shall be be posted later today.


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Dia de los muertos

Dia de los muertos was last week , the day we remember all the adults that have passed away, a very sad day, on November the 2nd inĀ remembranceĀ of our loved ones we build alters, and put pictures and stuff that helps us remember everything about the person on it, including favorite foods, then we all sit around and talk about the person, the good mostly, it is a day we remember and welcome the dead back home into our arms, November 2nd was the day all the children came home, November 3rd is when the adults come home. we celebrate and rejoice when they come home, we light special incense to lead them home to us safely, and we also help them depart when its time by burning the same incense while exiting the home, the catholic church rings the bells when it is time for them to come home, and when it is time for them to return to god. it is a very complex holiday…but It is a very emotional time.